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Java poker game program

I have to roulette costa brava write a program that creates 5 decks of 5 random cards chosen, and evaluate them to return the value of the deck.
Think about it a bit before moving.
A simple "empty" extention such as class HoldemException extends Exception for all three cases would be enough.
Display: value0 contains invalid value s " " s; /this just moves the output over a little in the console /so its easier to see when viewing the output intln(s Now that that exhaustive class is done, we guanti lotto jumbo can write some test code and see.We put the cards in the ArrayList of Cards, then randomly take 100 pairs of cards and switch them, shuffling our deck.LargeGroupRank : smallGroupRank; value2?Why divide by four (one wtf)?Let's start with a pair situation.I'll be happy to have a look at that some day - if I have the time.DrawFromDeck intln( String OK, that looks random enough, so now, let's try making some hands and seeing what the program thinks they are ranked, and compare that to what we know they should be ranked: public static void main(String args) for (int i0; i 100;.It may be worth thinking about, if these actually need to be class methods and shouldn't be instance methods.Card will be a class that contains rank and suit online free casino game goldfish variables, Deck will be a container for Cards, and Hand will be where we evaluate and compare the poker hands.
If you really interested in expanding this, then you probably should first read up on the topic - there are several questions on Stack Overflow about this, and probably countless articles on the web - and then repost a new question focusing on hand evaluation.
I have the classes necessary to everything, just not sure how to make a class to make it run.
Package javapoker; import java.You have misspelled Strength in several places.One to represent the Card, One to represent the Deck, and one to represent the Hand evaluation.Take a look: /start hand evaluation if ( sameCards1 ) /if we have no pair.In this "simple" application I don't think you need to distinguish between the two uses, so I would drop printCard and only use toString.Edit 2: Regarding sorting suits: Ok, that makes sense.For simplicity's sake, we've used card ranks starting at 1 for ace instead of 0 for ace.BTW, it's custom to have annotations before the method modifiers.Making betting wouldn't be that difficult, but the AI involved for making realistic opponents is beyond this scope.Note : Now, we could've used short or even byte for the rank and suit variables, since there are only four possible values.Next up, is the Board.We make an int sameCards because we may have more than two cards of the same value, maybe even 3 or 4 (hopefully not 5, unless our processor is a crooked dealer).Exit(1 while (numPlayers 0 I only added the do while loop, to show how to handle the two types of exception differently.

Edit 3 : Creating a new Deck doesn't only create a new array, it creates a a filled array with new cards, which you don't need.
We can do hands with one group of cards, but not hands with.