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Borderlands 2 slot machines worth it

Once the world poker entertainment Goliath reaches the rank of "Fatal God-Liath" (displayed below his health bar kill him to get the "Goliath, Meet David" achievement.
Heads Athena Bounty Hunter: Successfully complete "The Voyage Of Captain Chef" optional side mission in Triton Flats.
Shadow Play (15 points Give the H-Source to Jack.
Shoot the Constructor with a rocket launcher, and throw some grenades.They will attack you once you pull your gun Was this guide helpful?The gun name is also a reference to Borderlands 2, where they had the same type of reference to the movie Se7en.All the Bandits in Round 1 are human, so try using fire-based elemental weapons.Easter Egg Fast travel to Tycho's Ribs (unlocked later in the game).One of the most satisfying contributions and aspects of Go Green Recycling is protecting the environment of the planet Earth by recycling the things that create jobs and revenue for the citizens of this nation.Enter the door, and go up the stairs to reach Gladstone's office.Killing one yields around 1,900 XP during your first playthrough, depending on your level.Additionally, Nova/Spike shields will kill Geary and reset this special event.Once you go down the hole, move forward to find a small cove with a red loot chest on the right.The newest codes will appear at the top of the list.
Keep your eyes out for purple clocks.
Eridian Explorer (20 points Discovered all named locations in Outlands Canyon, Outlands Spur and Vorago Solitude.
Hyperion business listing Go to the first main passage in Hyperion Hub Of Heroism.
Fifty duel victories will result in a total gain of 166 Badass points.
Note: Do not trade items near an auto save point to prevent the game from accidentally saving while trading the items.
A quick regenerating shield also helps a lot since you will not have much time to run and hide for a recharge.(30 points Kill 10 SpyBugs before they take your photo.Once More With Feeling (15 points Completed the mission "Return of Captain Chef".Selling: Sell items 50 times to complete this challenge and get 166 total Badass points.Press X to spin the bar chair to get some money.Then, stand in a corner, shoot the Tediore gun once, and reload.Entering this area costs four Eridium.Enter that cave, and follow the path to reach "Higgins' Gully".To save some time, you can jump over the garage by jumping on the lamppost, then jumping on the garage.You will then spawn behind a shielded barrier protecting The Warrior.Smash and Not Grab (15 points Destroy the Tassiter Proxy.When you stay behind Terramorphous, he will not be able to attack you.

Note: Some codes will expire over time or number of redemptions.
There is a teddy bear in a chair at the end of the bar, wearing Master Chief's helmet from the Halo series.